Mobilize your site

mmc-001All our sites we design are designed to be responsive to the device they are being viewed on.

At MMC we also understand that some clients have already invested in a website and it simply does not look good on a mobile device.

We can mobilize it for you!

With constantly changing trends and a five fold increase in mobile Internet users, you will need to make your services available to mobile users. It is a fact that what seems to be more important on a desktop might not be equally important or useful for a mobile user who is accessing the page on a much smaller screen and is on the go.

A mobile website is similar to a regular website and can be accessed with the help of different browsers, the only difference being it is created for small-screen devices. Mobile sites are optimized for on-the-go users, contain limited (or rather, necessary) content and are lighter and faster than responsive websites.

Using the industry’s most advanced set of tools, businesses can engage their growing mobile customer base with a high-quality, fully-branded experience.

You do not have to maintain separate code bases or websites, while the look-and-feel and the user experience is consistent on any platform, and any form factor will deliver a good experience.

What Mobile Web Strategies we employ: When selecting the most appropriate strategy to deploy, it is necessary to comprehend why and how the targeted users browse. Apart from convenience, a user can be time-poor and simply require quick and easy access to certain pieces of information such as a company’s contact details or brief product information. This is indicative of mobile browsers seeking answers to pre-defined questions, rather than an involved reading experience.

Benefits: Only update content from the main website CMS  and content is updated on mobile version

Our designs include:

  • Contact Bar: which provides immediate access to the Click-To-Call, Click-to-Email, Click-to-SMS and Map widgets.
  • Social Bar: you can direct users to your pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others if needed
  • Click to Map: Maps can either be static images, or fully-functional Google Maps.

Contact us to receive a quote which includes:Mobile Strategy Plan, Mobile Site design, Set Up, hosting, maintenance and back up.